5 Tips for Building a Brand on Instagram

Instagram is a powerful visual storytelling tool. It allows businesses to build community around their brand and showcase their products and services with captivating images, videos and captions. Now that paid advertising on Instagram is available to all business profiles, the platform is becoming an essential one for many brands.

Before diving into paid social media marketing, it’s important to understand how to grow your brand organically. Here are five tips that could help any brand capitalize on its Instagram presence:

TIP #1

It takes commitment to keep your brand top of mind. Start by posting 2-3 times a week and grow from there. Your life will be a whole lot easier when you plan ahead – so create a content calendar just like you would for your Facebook or Twitter presence. Once you get comfortable, best practice says you should try to post 1-2 times a day to stay in your audience’s feed and top of mind.

Tip #2

It’s best to use industry-relevant and trending hashtags whenever you can. In fact, studies show that engagements are highest on posts with 11+ hashtags. So the more the merrier! Do a little research beforehand to find ones that make sense for your brand and seem to get a plenty of use on the platform. Either add them to your caption (if you are working with 5 or less) or paste them in a comment right after you post the content.

Tip #3

Don’t be afraid to play around with apps like Layout, Boomerang, Hyperlapse, Snapseed, Over, Camera Plus and others to create a signature look and feel. Editing and/or adding a filter to your Instagram photos can increase the number of views by 21% and increase the number of comments by 45%.

Tip #4

Instagram’s new business account analytics are now available for qualifying accounts–use them! You can measure impressions, reach, engagements and even clicks to your website straight from the platform. Depending on your goals, these metrics could be very useful in identifying what content is working and what isn’t. Test and learn. And when you’re ready, explore more advanced tools like Simply Measured.

Tip #5

Focus on your outbound engagement by liking and commenting on content that other users are posting. It’s amazing how a simple “like” on a photo can make a fan feel appreciated. There are 500 million monthly active users on the platform that are 58 times more likely to engage with brands than on Facebook and 120 times more likely than on Twitter. Be authentic and ditch the script when you can!


Social media trends are constantly changing. Take advantage of Instagram now while it’s hot but be sure to stay informed as social media platforms continue to evolve.


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Christine Chrabot

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