Applied Creativity: Why Process Matters

At LMO, we believe everyone has the capacity for creativity — it's a belief etched into the glass wall of our largest conference room, as part of a creed that's immediately visible to all who enter our building.

It's probably fair to say that we believe we are especially creative. We'll often refer to ourselves as a creative agency, and we like to tout our creative services, among other offerings.

And yet, even members of our Creative Technology Department (the exceptionally creative among us) occasionally struggle to “be creative,” when their days are packed with client calls, internal meetings, an endless flow of emails and a coffee machine that’s out of order.

And they're not alone.

When we work with clients and prospective clients within the context of Applied Creativity™, we often find that one of the biggest challenges many of them face is a perceived lack of creative and original thinking within their own organizations. That apparent void can make any pressing business challenge or unknown future obstacle seem insurmountable.

Fortunately, creativity, regardless of where you think it comes from, is most certainly not the property of a select few individuals and organizations or a brain function that some people simply don't possess. It's a result. And more often than not, when the right circumstances are presented, it will appear.

Our Applied Creativity process, which we are constantly practicing, refining and updating, removes opportunities for procrastination, distraction, indecision and all the other hurdles standing in the way of truly creative work. It replaces them with clear direction, achievable objectives and the freedom to make mistakes as you make progress.

In other words, the process creates an ideal setting for the discovery and generation of new ideas.

A Formula for Growth

Each time we work with clients within the context of Applied Creativity, we’re exposed to new challenges and pushed to develop new solutions. And each time we're able to deepen, broaden and apply our understanding of human behavior in search of those solutions. As a result, we continually become better equipped to help our clients achieve growth in the future.

Moreover, the process gives us a reservoir of proven techniques and methods for thinking differently, which we often draw upon in other contexts — in department meetings, team brainstorms or occasionally when deciding what's for lunch.

Applied Creativity is woven into the fabric of our culture and has helped us to unlock creativity across the agency. We think that makes us better.



The Power of Process

We're firm believers that regardless of the industry you operate within or the unique business challenges you face, creativity is essential for delivering value and driving growth.

This belief is often reinforced at the end of Applied Creativity sprints, when clients who walked into our office as skeptics look both exhausted and inspired as they walk out. Exhausted from pushing their creative thinking abilities to the limit. Inspired because they're usually leaving with a creative strategy they believe in, a blueprint for implementing it and, perhaps most importantly, a renewed sense of confidence in their team.

That powerful shift in mindset can change the direction of a business, but it doesn't come from auspiciously stumbling upon a creative idea or witnessing an especially impressive pitch. It comes from immersing yourself in a process that is specifically designed to change the way you think about a problem.

Jack London said, "You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club."

Applied Creativity is our club. When it hits you, you feel it.


JP Welch

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