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What does it take to create the right office environment? Studies show that productivity increases with the right balance of a great office, an engaging culture, and a mission people believe in. With increasing competition for the top talent in today’s workforce, having a great office environment is becoming more important than ever. With that in mind, Arlington Economic Development (AED) is on the hunt to find, and showcase, the best offices in our area—forward-thinking companies who have figured out how to keep their employees engaged and get their teams to want to come to the office.

In AED’s quest, LMO was chosen as the first office to be featured in their new series Arlington Awesome Offices.  In the new video series, Jessica Miller, Co-chair of Arlington Real Estate Group (AREG), takes viewers on inside tours of the spaces in Arlington that are making a mark on creating just the right environment.

Why was LMO chosen? Our overarching belief that you no longer need an office to do the work we do. What employees need is a space that makes them want to come to work and to spend time together collaborating. In a mission to fulfill this concept, we created a light filled workspace, a zen room, game room, green roof deck, café, collaboration areas, film studio and more, all ideal for fostering creative collaboration. These elements make ours a space where our talent, and our clients, want to hang out.

For a full tour, check out our episode of Arlington Awesome Offices here:

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