Client Spotlight: Damon White

We recently caught up with our client Damon White, chief operating officer and co-founder, Evermay Wealth Management for a virtual “coffee break.” Damon is involved in every aspect of Evermay, from strategy to daily operations. A Washington, D.C. resident, he also serves as the firm’s chief compliance officer.  

Read on for our full conversation with Damon. 

LMO: Thanks for taking the time to chat today. Let’s start off with a very serious question: What’s your go-to coffee order?  

Damon White: That’s a hard one for me. I’m actually not really a big coffee drinker. I never really got into it. I’d have to say I’m more of a tea drinker. 

LMO: The world has changed since the pandemic was declared. How are you and the team at Evermay doing?  

DW: We’ve been doing OK. We started working remotely in March, like much of the area, and it’s been a fairly smooth transition. There were a few bumps in the beginning, for instance we realized we needed a few more laptops, but nothing too difficult.  

I do have to say that in this time our team has gotten a lot more proficient at video conferencing software like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype.  

LMO: Have there been any other surprises or experiences to share?   

DW: It’s been positive to discover that we can work remotely. My partner and I were previously a little “old school” about being in the office, but everyone on our team is doing a great job working remotely. It’s likely that we’ll continue to be flexible with employees working in or out of the office and incorporate this into our processes moving forward.  

One pleasant discovery is that we’ve really been able to automate our workflow processes. We are doing things with less paper than before. As a financial services company, paperwork frequently needs original signatures. So, while we haven’t eliminated paper altogether, we’re using significantly less. 

LMO: What do you expect from an agency or marketing partner at this time? 

DW: We want a marketing partner to be nimble and adaptive. We want them to find ways to get in front of potential customers with relevant content that’s appropriate and sincere. We expect an agency to be able to fine tune our message in this adaptable time. 

LMO: We hear you are our new neighbors, is that correct?  

(*Note: Evermay and LMO share an address)  

DW: That’s right. We’ve moved our offices to a different floor in the same building. We committed to the move before the pandemic hit. While the team is still working remotely, we moved in July and now share a floor with LMO. 

LMO: What has brought you joy personally during this challenging time?  

DW:  It’s been really nice being at home. And spending more time with family is a plus. The pandemic has given me the ability to slow down and not always be on-the-go.  

LMO: Finally, what’s the strangest thing you’ve purchased to help get through social distancing? 

DW: The strangest thing I’ve purchased? I can’t think of anything specific to social distancing. I did just order a new mattress entirely online. It hasn’t arrived yet. But I spent time reading through reviews and research. I figured it was time for an upgrade.  

Thanks to Damon for this time and insight. LMO will be sharing more of our virtual “coffee break” conversations with clients in the coming weeks – stay tuned! 

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