How To: Build Your Email Contact List

Looking to grow your contact database? Here are five ways to fuel your email marketing engine.

Disclaimer: When collecting leads, make it clear that they are “opting-in” to receive emails from you. It’s illegal to send marketing emails otherwise.

1. Add an Email Sign-up Button

If you don’t already have an email sign-up button on your website, this is a good place to start. Make sure you have an email sign-up button on your website! Having a “Subscribe” or “Sign up for our Newsletter” call-to-action button in your ‘Menu’ bar is essential when trying to collect leads. This lets visitors know that you offer a newsletter or email content, so if they like what they see on your site, they’ll know exactly where to go to sign-up!

2. Add a Lightbox

Rake in subscribers with a lightbox or a pop-up form. This is a great way to capture email sign-ups on your homepage or blog pages. However, don’t ruin a visitor’s experience by bombarding them with a pop-up the millisecond they enter your site. First, let them have some time to explore so they can see all the great things you have to offer, then utilize the lightbox as an easy way for them to opt-in to receive more awesome content.

3. Gate Your Super Valuable Content

Have some top-notch resources available like an eBook, research report or even a white paper? Add an email capture form to gate this content. This is a quick and easy way to gain leads, but remember, this is only beneficial if the content is truly valuable for your visitors. Otherwise, it could hurt your email database health.

4. Host Events

Love a good conference? Most likely, so do your visitors. Collecting email addresses at an event that you’re hosting is a great way to grow your contact list. If you’re short on budget, webinars and online training courses are also great ways to collect email address for your company.

5. Take Advantage of Facebook Lead Ads

Today’s leading social media platform, Facebook, now allows you to collect leads straight from their site using Facebook Lead Ads. It’s very similar to Facebook Ads, but instead, you can add a form to the ad that autopopulates data from a user's profile, making it quick and painless for your target audience to subscribe. This works best with a valuable content offer or event invite.

When asking for emails, always remember to keep the number of form fields relevant to the actual value of your offer.

Jennifer Gerhard

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