Increasing Podcast Audiences Through Local Exposure

One of the great things about a purely audio podcast is the versatility. You can enjoy it on your morning run, taking care of your kids, driving the daily commute, and listen while doing chores. Audio podcasts are not only convenient for your listeners and low-power consumption for finicky mobile devices, it also gives you the opportunity to entice new audience members with by-chance overheard broadcasts. That's right, podcasting doesn't have to be an online-only experience. You can seriously boost your audience membership by grabbing their attention during the long boring minutes spend on daily errands. 

Diners and Coffee Shops

In order to keep their background music soothing and commercial-free, coffee shops, and cozy restaurants often have their own playlists that they use to create ambiance and it's not always music. If you've ever discovered some indie masterpiece while hanging out with friends and a latte, you understand the power of a coffee shop or restaurant radio. These are places where people gather to chill out, wait for each other, and read a book. If your content is both smooth and interesting, this could be the perfect environment for your podcast. For a coffee or sandwich shop kind of audience, talk to the venue owners about occasionally playing one of your podcasts and see if you tickle the fancies of a few patrons.

Doctors and Car Dealerships

people waiting in lineWhen thinking about how to get more listeners, consider the places where podcasts would be the most enjoyed. One of the best places to catch the attention of people well outside your social media circle is in waiting rooms. Anywhere with a waiting room is full of bored, restless people idly flipping through magazines or browsing the web on their phones.

How jazzed would you be in that circumstance to realize that the radio is playing something interesting that wasn't classic rock hits or talk radio? Doctors offices, pharmacies, car dealerships, and oil change places are all good candidates. Feel free to send out feelers to any place where people gather and wait for service.

Public Transportation

Travel is a wonderful time for an interesting podcast because it's an enjoyable radio alternative. In fact, vehicles are the second most popular place to tune in for people who are already podcast listeners. This means that public transportation is a great place to share your podcasts and one in which you'll find little pre-existing competition. If city buses seem too distant, consider reaching out to popular Uber drivers instead. This brings your podcast directly to people who are in the mood to listen while driving or riding.

Tips for Local Listenership

When you're trying to grow your audience out 'in the field', there are a few techniques you can use that will help draw interested listeners to your show online where they can add to your streamers and downloads. For podcasts you share with venues, remember to take a page from the book of radio hosting. Stating the name of your show about once every five or ten minutes will help your listeners know how to find you later, along with inviting listeners to contact you at least once per show and saying your email or website address out loud. This way, people you interest, amuse, and intrigue in coffee shops and waiting rooms have something to type into their phones to get the rest of your show and become one of your loyal audience members.

The traditional way to build your listeners is completely online, but why not break the mold? Take your podcast directly to people who need it most, those who are waiting quietly for something. Whether you reach out to coffee shops, waiting rooms, transportation, or something new and creative that suits your podcast perfectly, when people hear you out in the world a few will inevitably make it back to your online audience.

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