LMO Advertising and DecisionQ Unveil “LMODQ”

Arlington, VA (May 8, 2015)– LMO Advertising, the largest advertising agency in metropolitan Washington, D.C., announces it is partnering with DecisionQ, a premier predictive analytics firm, to form a joint venture named “LMODQ.” The goal is to provide clients with exclusive technology that compiles consumer behavior data to enhance marketing efforts. It will employ pioneering diagnostic capabilities—perfected and proven after long experience in health care, national security and financial services sectors—to enable marketers to make the most of their data. LMO Advertising is among the first advertising firms in the metropolitan D.C. area to engage in such a venture to positively impact real-time results for client campaigns.

Watch our announcement of the partnership at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit

DecisionQ specializes in predictive analytics and represents the best of innovation in machine learning, computer science and applied statistics. The company’s leading product, Faster Analytics, allows its clients to process very high volumes of streaming data in real-time, which enables them to make faster decisions and smarter choices. DecisionQ technology has been used in health care to deliver life-saving diagnoses; in national security to provide actionable intelligence; and in financial services to identify several kinds of fraudulent activity.

The explosion of social media and online content in the past few years has revolutionized the way consumers research, interact and recommend brands. Advertising efforts by companies across the nation are preparing for increasingly smarter technologies, especially when it comes to real-time decision making. Joining the two worlds through LMODQ, clients will be able to position their campaigns and directly reach out to target audiences in the most effective and efficient ways.

“We built LMODQ so our clients can avoid the fundamental errors marketers make when approaching Big Data,” said Scott Laughlin, director of LMO Advertising and co-founder of LMODQ. “Many marketers spend far too much time and money on aggregating data and counting it. The real value is in using available data to diagnose their challenges and opportunities. It’s time for people to forget the term ‘Big Data’ and starting thinking about ‘Big Diagnostics’.”

LMODQ combines machine learning with novel and unique computational approaches to create predictive mathematical networks that can model any market and any customer set. Such networks allow marketing decision-makers to predict various outcomes with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

“With the help of DecisionQ’s technology, we can provide even smarter, more creative campaigns for our clients. Our ability to provide consistent results is why many of our clients have been with us for 20 years. Clients rely on us to build brand awareness, increase sales and launch products on the international, national, regional and local level. LMODQ is an example of the innovation people have come to expect from us,” said Chris Laughlin, president and CEO of LMO Advertising.

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