LMO and Google: It’s Official

Partnership is a truly remarkable thing. It’s what brought us dishes like warm apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream, and acts like Daryl Hall and John Oates. Adding now to the list of great partnerships: LMO and Google.

Google Partner

As an official Google Partner, LMO joins a select number of firms in the DC Metro area who have been recognized by Google for following​ best practices with expertise across their field. The partnership will enable LMO to be an industry leader in Google AdWords, analytics and display, as well as an agency savvy in all things digital with the help of certification exams and relevant study materials.

LMO has been vetted and trusted by Google to excel in its platforms and employ its best practices.

Calling Google a partner is obviously a good thing for LMO. But how does this stand to benefit our clients? Glad you asked.

This partnership with Google will undoubtedly be beneficial for our agency’s practices and employees, but the real value lies in the optimized tools and experiences we’ll be able to bring back to our clients:

  • Gaining exclusive access to Google Hangout series where Google product experts discuss trends and industry developments, as well as answer questions in real-time
  • Offering clients peace of mind that LMO has been vetted and trusted by Google to excel in its platforms and employ its best practices
  • Staying up to date on the latest Google tools and products by passing certification exams every 12 months. 

Becoming a Google Partner allows LMO to keep doing what we do best—weaving creativity, technology, and valuable partnerships together to deliver campaigns that are constantly working harder and garnering results.  

Mike Kapetanovic

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