LMO Wins Contracts with Industry Challengers

ARLINGTON, Virginia, January 26, 2017 – LMO, a national marketing agency based in Arlington, Virginia, announced it has been selected to support two challenger brands focused on growing their business. The brands include: Nutshell, Ann Arbor, Michigan, a customer relationship manager software designed with small businesses in mind; and Carleton V, New York, a luxury fabrics brand.

LMO will be responsible for a variety of marketing communications activities for these clients, such as website design, advertising, content marketing, creative support, public relations and brand development.

Recently, LMO completed a total web redesign for Nutshell, with a trifold goal of shifting the focus from technical product features to product benefits, encouraging qualified leads to sign up for a free trial, and educating users about the product. LMO is now working with Nutshell on a broader level to increase conversion optimization and overall marketing efficiencies.

“We are thrilled to add these challenger brands to our portfolio and look forward to assisting with their marketing challenges as they seek continued growth and innovation,” said Mike Kapetanovic, LMO president. “We’ve recently tackled our own repositioning and are suited more than ever to help challenger brands, companies seeking growth and expanded market share, tackle their marketing and communications pain points.”

To read more about how LMO takes on challenger brands, visit www.lmo.com

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