Reel Results: 4 Ways to Maximize Video Performance

It’s time to face facts; digital ads are a thing, and they’re definitely here to stay. Whether we like it or not, companies that want to stay relevant need to get good at digital video campaigning-- and FAST. How do we ensure that YOUR ads are receiving the most engagement? And how do we measure impact beyond the view? Check out the keys to great digital video content below:

1. “Front-load” your video content

Skippable ads and social media feeds are driving video completion rates down and changing consumer expectations. It’s now more important  than ever to “front-load” your video content. If you intend to distribute your video across media channels, you should consider developing versions of your video with your brand, call-to-action and essential messaging in the first three to five seconds of your ad content.

2. Create from a user perspective

There’s no one-size-fits-all video solution: content should be created based on the platform it’ll live in and the format it will take. Don’t just pop your linear TV ad into a vertical format. Instead, consider how the user will be viewing the content. For instance, will your content be viewed as a vertical video with a native-feel on Snapchat,or as a square video with heavy imagery on Instagram?

3. Show, don’t tell

In most digital environments where users encounter video content, the default setting for audio is “off.” This means that video content must “speak” for itself without any sound at all. Consider adding closed captioning to your videos or relying heavily on visuals or text within the content in order to engage consumers.

4. Think beyond the view

Pixel tracking technology allows us to connect your video campaigns back to your business goals. We can measure on-site behavior and see what actions users may take on your site after interacting with your video content. While video is often seen as an upper funnel tactic, this technology allows us to connect the dots on ROI.

Lauren Pappas
Associate Media Director
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