Social Video - Hyper-targeted and Highly Effective

Companies and organizations looking to challenge the status quo have never been better positioned to upset the apple cart and make a name for themselves. Why? Social media video. It's the perfect medium for challenger brands to promote content marketing that’s more powerful, better focused and more direct and intimate than ever before.

The Power of Video on Social Media

Cisco Visual Networking Index predicts that by 2020 global Internet Protocol (IP) video traffic will be 82 percent consumer Internet traffic, up from 70 percent in 2015. Internet video traffic will grow fourfold from 2015 to 2020. For example, in the last six months, Instagram has gained 100 million new users. Snapchat also has more than two billion video views a day, while Facebook has four billion daily video streams.

Social media giants such as Facebook are adding features constantly to maximize the monetization of video to appeal to advertisers. Recently, Facebook has augmented its video content with mid-video ad breaks, automatic sound volume increases, native embedding options and video for website conversions. In addition, social media platforms are offering various types of video from live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, to carousel ads on Instagram and Facebook, to 360-degree videos on Facebook.

The combination of the platform, tools and user volume has truly created a perfect place to advertise.

The Power of Social Media to Identify and Detect Customers

Even if you’re not a big-box store, a national brand or you can’t afford to advertise during the Super Bowl, you can still become legendary to the customers you wish to serve. How? Social media platforms. For instance, say you are a local, high-end wine shop: Facebook and other social media outlets allow you to advertise to wine connoisseurs, affluent individuals and those in your immediate area. You can easily identify the people, customers, organizations and businesses that you want to reach. This highly focused advertising allows you to make your case directly to those whom you most care about quickly and more efficiently than traditional advertising tools — a vital tool for new and disruptive organizations.

The Power of Video to Make a Customer or a Community 

Customer engagement is key. You want to create an intimate, direct relationship with your customers because that information will allow you to serve them better and in new and novel ways. When a customer is engaged, they share personal information, evangelize the product or service, embody the lifestyle or brand and buy. Numerous studies show that visual representations, and better yet, video, build engagement superior to the written word. User feedback generates community and a sense of belonging and intimacy, ultimately, giving you another platform for client interaction. And finally, when done right, video can pull the customers directly because the advertising will have self-evident value to the community.  

The Power of a New World 

If excitement, wonderment and trust are goals, the value of the message and video content must be high. In many ways, the new world of video adverting is the inverse of traditional mass marketing. The traditional advertiser is pushing content with the hopes of hitting a customer segment based on flash, appeal and attention-grabbing claims or pitches. But, video content is actively and literally searched for by a select group of individuals with shared intellectual interests and pursuits. The video advertiser isn’t trying to get the attention of a prospective customer; instead, they are the mutual friend who’s been invited into your home for a dinner party. You need to make the most of that trust and intimacy because traditional approaches are likely to fall flat.

Social media video really does offer the best platform, the best targeting mechanism and the most reliable way to engage new and prospective clients for challenger brands. If done with strategic application and targeting along with world-class content, the social media sites will do what they do best — create interest and buzz, and educate and entertain with a directness and speed that is truly amazing. 

Jennifer Lennon

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