Top 5 Reasons to Become Google Analytics Certified

Last month, we had an additional 12 LMOers pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam, resulting in over 30 certification holders at the agency! In response to great demand for training on the tool, I started LMO's 4-part Google Analytics training series after the agency became a Google Partner. If you’ve ever thought about becoming certified, here are 5 reasons to take the next step and tackle the GAIQ exam.

1. Your website is the center of your online presence

Websites have become the central point for consumers to connect with your business, which makes understanding your web analytics more important than ever. How did your site users get there? How long did they stay and how much content did they consume? What actions did they take? Having a solid understanding of Google Analytics allows you to confidently answer these questions that are crucial to the bottom line of your business.

2. Get the most out of your data

Google products are meant to be easy to navigate, which makes Google Analytics an easy tool to jump right into using. While it is user friendly, the vast amount of data and tracking capabilities can be overwhelming and it is easy to get lost in all the numbers. The Google Analytics certification allows you to have a solid understanding of all the metrics, dimensions, and reporting that is available to you and how to understand what it means.

3. Turn insights into action  

The Google Analytics training course not only helps you find and understand your data, but also gives you a solid foundation for applying this data to strategic decision-making. Anyone can look at numbers, but it takes knowledge and expertise to turn these insights into action and yield tangible results.

4. Come one, come all

The common misconception is that Google Analytics is reserved for SEO experts and webmasters, when in fact anyone who touches a business can benefit from a Google Analytics certification. Demographics data such as gender, age, and affinity groups can help guide strategy and account planning decisions. Bounce rate and average pages per session are metrics that would be crucial for content and copywriting teams. Search query reports can show how users are organically getting to the site, which can provide insights for paid search specialists. Having a strong foundation of web analytics is important for all functions in order to improve the overall business.

5. Improve ROI

Knowledge of how to efficiently use Google Analytics helps you improve the ROI of your marketing efforts. A holistic view of how all marketing channels work together is exceptionally valuable and gives great insight for strategic planning and decisions. Google Analytics provides real-time data, including attribution models, which allows agencies to fine tune the marketing mix in order to improve ROI. 

Lauren Pappas

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