What We’re Looking Forward to in 2017

It’s been quite a year! As we look back on 2016, we’re thankful to have had the opportunities to collaborate with some very special clients, work on amazing projects and make great new friends.

Now we’re ready to take on a new year. New challenges, trends and innovations await. So a few LMOers wanted to share they're looking forward to in 2017.

Improved Google Search Experience

Mobile searches have surpassed desktop as consumers turn to their phones for real-time solutions. As a part of this, Google wants to be there for consumers during each 'Micro-Moment’ in the buying process and is constantly trying to evolve and improve the search engine experience. I expect to see increased use of Google’s Expanded Text Ads, which provide more information for mobile users, allowing easier navigation to consumer goods and answers to user needs. In 2017, search advertisers will have to implement strategies that consider mobile-first users and the mindset they are in when conducting searches. - Brandon, SEM Specialist

Influencer Marketing

There is now an emerging demand for authentic content that doesn't feel produced. In fact, studies show that though 92 percent of consumers trust a reference made to them on social media, they list authenticity as the most important thing when determining whether to buy a product. With the growing use of Facebook Live, Instagram Live Stories, and Snapchat, all of which demand real-time, authentic content, I'm interested to see how influencer marketing will change. We've seen some organizations, like Birchbox, the US Coast Guard and NPR, begin to do live videos with industry influencers to showcase their brand. I think 2017 will open up new experiences for people, particularly on social media, in how they interact with a brand's product. - Molly, Content Marketing Manager

3D Printing

The concept of printing a physical object and having it quickly produced before your very eyes is absolutely fascinating. Right now, if I want a hex bolt and don’t have one in my toolbox, I go to Home Depot and buy it. How weird to just print it at home... to have this plastic or metal substance that takes the form I ask of it. 3D printing has been around for years now, but each day there are new developments. We’re seeing 3D printing emerge in and even begin to change a variety of industries, like the medical, automotive and fashion industries. For our clients in the building industry, 3D printing is reshaping construction as we know it. Building materials and appliances have been 3D printed. Heck, even entire buildings have now been 3D printed! How incredible is that? It feels like there will be surprises and “firsts” around every corner in 2017. - Jessica R., Director of Content

People-Based Marketing

As technology roots itself deeper into our lives and culture, by definition, it has to become as human as possible. Automation tools allow marketers to focus on designing great experiences while the software takes care of storing and segmenting the data. So, as the demand for quality, personalized content increases, content creators need to take advantage of the capabilites of marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Hubspot and Real Magnet to personalize communications in real-time. The only thing I’m more excited about than marketing automation and personalized content is the future of artificial intelligence that will automate our automations!- Pete K., Associate Director of Engineering, Proposals & Processes

Micro-Mini Interactions

Though web users rarely think about or notice microinteractions, as a designer, I love creating smooth experiences on mobile devices that have simple micro-mini details (i.e., an on-off switch, or a Like button) in the interactions leading users to say "ahh, nice" and wanting to come back for more. My favorites this year? The hover and open states on Nutshell.com’s new contact form (appears on right side as you scroll down), and the bio overlays on The Maple Guild’s team photos (scroll to the bottom of the page). Next year, I look forward to building upon these to create seamless and beautiful browsing experiences. - Liz M., Senior Visual Designer


Great ideas come from teamwork. As the agency world evolves and becomes more technology-driven, we need to develop better methods of ideation with our clients and our own teams. At LMO, we’ve started using a fast and flexible process called Applied Creativity™. It relies on multidisciplinary teams, design thinking principles and a collaborative working environment to stimulate the generation of new ideas, or as we like to call them ‘eureka’ moments. A key factor in the success of such collaborations is their multidisciplinary nature. As we move into 2017, I’m looking forward to adding to this process and using it to come up with innovative concepts for our clients. - Jessica B., Account Supervisor

Live Video Streaming

I love watching livestreams from my favorite bloggers and brands, and I know others are in the same boat. People want in-the-moment, authentic content from brands that they can watch on their phones whenever they have the time. Facebook Live provided a great answer to this demand and now that Instagram and Twitter have joined the game I can’t wait to see how more brands — especially in the B2B space — adopt these tools to give themselves a more relatable and down-to-earth appeal. Hopefully you’ll even be seeing some livestreams from us at LMO! - Claire, Senior Marketing Manager

Wearable Technology

I am eager to see how the smartwatch space evolves in 2017. The prices of most devices are going down, making them more accessible and an ideal holiday gift. When using these technologies, people peel away from their phones and are more present in real world interactions. This will mandate a shift in the way we market to consumers, putting a bigger emphasis on context and authenticity in order to enhance their experience, not interrupt it. - Jim, UX Designer

On-Demand Brand Engagement

Facebook’s advertising platform is now allowing brands to develop News Feed ads that drive users directly to Facebook Messenger to chat with that brand’s bot. This will allow for more effective personalization and on-demand engagement with a brand, which is exactly what customers want these days. - Lauren, Media Supervisor

Interactive Imagery

As the public consumes more media, marketers need to find new methods of integrating messaging in ways that don't feel obtrusive while still accomplishing goals and telling a cohesive story. It's interesting to see how cross-medium visuals have already enhanced experiences (i.e., Snapchat filters!). I'm sure we'll be seeing more things like this in the future as VR and other technologies become more commonplace. - Taylor, Interactive Designer

What are you looking forward to in the new year? Share in the comments!

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