What’s Buzzing in Mobile Advertising

In previous years, desktop was the star quarterback of the digital advertising game. But not anymore! Mobile is the biggest and baddest kid on the block, surpassing desktop’s digital advertising spend in 2015 by 6% and dominating again in 2016 by 27%.

No one can deny it—the popularity of mobile has changed the game. And according to eMarketer, mobile will keep running up the score. More than 68% of digital ad spending shares are projected to go to mobile over desktop in 2017.  

Not everyone is a diehard mobile fan. A slew of research studies suggest that consumer attitudes towards mobile ads have decreased. A 2015 poll by GfK MRI reports that between 66-74% of smartphone users are booing mobile ads and calling them “annoying.”

But as of January this year, almost 200 million people in the U.S. own smartphones. And the average American will spend two hours and 25 minutes on those phones. That’s a whole lot of game time for your ads.

Here are a few more mobile trends we’re seeing throughout digital advertising. Best to get coached up on these now so you’re calling the right plays in 2017.


Mobile has been cannibalizing digital ad spend since 2015 and is expected to grow exponentially over the next four years.


Today’s mobile users are more likely to react negatively to mobile ads than positively. To put it simply, they find mobile ads to be annoying and disruptive.  

Therefore, you MUST be thoughtful about your advertising efforts on mobile. Be sure to consider your target audience and think through things like ad type, content, messaging and timing.

Advertisers are embracing dynamic creative (using multiple versions of ready-to-use ads, so that when the ad call comes in, the most relevant, fully completed ad is served) to create personalized experiences. When it comes to mobile, one size does NOT fit all.


To combat negative feelings towards mobile ads, advertisers are turning to native ads.

Native ads provide contextually relevant content and good user experiences because they mirror the content in which they appear (e.g. social media).

You might be sick and tired of hearing the phrase “the year of mobile,” but these trends only underscore mobile’s continued rise to fame. There’s no denying it—mobile is revolutionizing our digital advertising world. Being aware of this will help ensure you have the right advertising game plan for 2017.


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