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With more than 57 million Americans consuming podcasts, it’s no secret that podcasts have a role in a comprehensive content strategy for brands and organizations across the globe. Of those 57 million, the listeners are loyal – 88% listen to most or all of the episodes.

We’ve had the pleasure of marketing podcasts for brands and have achieved #1 positions in iTunes (multiple times). In 2016, we partnered with Panoply and internationally acclaimed best-seller, Malcolm Gladwell, on launching the Revisionist History podcast.

Each week during the 10 episode series, Revisionist History was the #1 podcast in iTunes.

And, we’re doing it again…we returned in 2017 for Season 2 where Revisionist History was once again the #1 podcast in iTunes for much of the season.

In marketing podcasts, we work with the client to develop the most effective podcast marketing strategy to create awareness of the series and engage and nurture listeners.

Recent Clients

A few brands we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with:

Recent Clients

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