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Ux: The Mother of All Buzz Words

How do you feel after an experience? The answer to that question is what we try to craft in a positive light when working with clients. Whether positive or negative, any insight received during our creative process is seen as an opportunity to make end users feel amazing. Making users feel amazing could be as simple as sending a follow-up email or as complex as keeping track of badges for a job well done. This is user experience design at its core: understanding how people feel before, during and after an interaction and designing experiences that produce joy.

Producing joy is at the heart of what a user experience should convey and meeting user needs is what LMO sets out to achieve with all our projects. We base our work on research and data – not gut instincts. This ensures that solutions not only meet your organizational goals, but that they are based on relevant findings and best industry practices.

While many agencies focus solely on sitemaps and static wireframes, LMO explores the user experience through a variety of design thinking methods including heuristic assessments, user research and iterative design practices.



Understanding the problem space is the first step to defining real problems. With every project being unique, LMO is always being tested to apply the appropriate techniques from our evolving Ux toolbox. We gain insights through a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies we apply to understand project users, stakeholders and competition.


Let’s not confuse design with its typical association to visually pleasing things because it’s much more than that. In our case, design involves the creation of shared information systems from abstraction to conceptualization. It can take the form of crafting content, architecting information, imagining interactions or laying out user interfaces. In the end, the sum is greater than its parts and all the parts must be considered.


We love to be proven right! Knowing industry best practices doesn’t guarantee success, but testing, learning and iterating based on test results almost always does. LMO incorporates an assortment of testing methods into its projects including click-tracking, usability and A/B and multivariate testing.

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