Creativity can come from anyone.

Our people are our greatest asset. We believe in building upon each other's ideas. As a group with diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences, we make each other smarter, more creative and more effective every day.

Photo of Chris Laughlin
CEO Chris Laughlin
Photo of Scott Laughlin
Director Scott Laughlin
Photo of Kendria Perry
Vice President, Client Services Kendria Perry
Photo of Cary Griffin
Building Practice Leader Cary Griffin
Photo of Phoebe Evans
Account Director Phoebe Evans
Photo of Theresa Bardolf
Client Finance Director Theresa Bardolf
Photo of Nora Petitt
Director of HR & Office Management Nora Petitt
Photo of Sharon Cunningham
Comptroller Sharon Cunningham
Photo of Andy Solages
Senior Technical Content Manager Andy Solages
Photo of Cori Leek
Communications Writer Cori Leek
Photo of Dustin Rubin
Senior Brand Manager Dustin Rubin
Photo of Emilie Tardiff
Media Planner/Buyer Emilie Tardiff
Photo of Hannah Roberts
Designer Hannah Roberts
Photo of Jessica Boyle
Associate Account Director Jessica Boyle
Photo of Katie Sikorski
Senior Public Relations Manager Katie Sikorski
Photo of Lauren Pappas
Associate Media Director, Lauren Pappas
Photo of Jordan Washington
Media Relations Manager Jordan Washington
Photo of Megann Fayhee
Account Supervisor Megann Fayhee
Photo of Oronde Vaughan
Creative Director Oronde Vaughan
Photo of Rachel Romeo
Technical Content Manager Rachel Romeo
Photo of Sarah Spatafora
Associate Media Director Sarah Spatafora
Photo of Erin Culliney
Senior Art Director Erin Culliney
Photo of Michelle Iraheta
Public Relations Specialist Michelle Iraheta
Photo of Angelique McKenna
Media Planner/Buyer Angelique McKenna

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