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CHSI Responsive Website Redesign


Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. (CHSi) was in the process of repositioning their brand, redeveloping both their messaging strategy and the way they visually represented themselves.

To augment these efforts, LMO was selected to enhance their corporate image online and increase their clients’ understanding of their capabilities through a redesigned website.


With a short timeline and firm launch date, our team set to work by conducting a series of intensive working sessions with client stakeholders. We took a user-based approach to the design and architecture of the site, developing a series of audience “personas” to guide the site’s content strategy and highlighting the solutions CHSi offers to their various stakeholder groups.

Our site design and architecture was intended to:

  1. Promote relevant content for each target audience
  2. Depict the entirety of services, capabilities, benefits and values through an efficient and engaging online experience
  3. Boost overall site traffic in order to grow visibility as a well-established industry leader
  4. Provide a mechanism to connect prospective clients with the relevant individuals at CHSi in order to take the next step
  5. Implement a flexible architecture using responsive web design techniques that allowed users to easily and quickly navigate through the site


We implemented a website solution using Drupal as the content management system; this technology choice allowed us to provide a highly customized and extensible solution, and a convenient mechanism for CHSi staff to maintain and quickly update web content.

CHSi’s new website is a standout in its space. After the site launched, bounce rate decreased by 11% and the number of page views increased by almost 40%.

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