Always More Than Money

Evermay's New Brand Comes to Life


Evermay’s existing website made them feel generic, presenting them akin to an asset management company. It was lacking the warm, personal, and consultative feel of a firm that is more service oriented.

LMO was tasked with rebuilding Evermay’s website using up-to-date technology, offering a best in-class experience to match their newly developed brand promise and increase awareness of its services. It needed to evoke a high-touch personable feel that would distinguish Evermay from its competitors, while enhancing the overall user experience for prospective clients.


Our rebranding effort uncovered a key insight — wealth is always more than money. This formed the basis for Evermay’s A Richer Life positioning. Our new communication strategy was a client-centric, plain language focus on personal goals. We incorporated it into Evermay’s new website, focusing on 3 differentiators that deliver on the promise of A Richer Life:

Stories - We highlight the very real impact that Evermay has on the lives of its clients by using real world examples and telling powerful stories. These are featured prominently as supporting content throughout the site.

Diversity - Evermay staff are diverse in terms of race, gender and age, defying stereotypes in the financial industry. Research showed that there is often a stigma around working with large financial firms, however we learned that Evermay’s diversity goes a long way toward establishing trust. To highlight this, we created a section called “Our People” with a photograph of each member of the Evermay team and details about their background.

Personal Interactions - Evermay truly prefers to interact with clients on the phone. We featured a telephone contact prominently, that allows users to call Evermay directly.


We chose ExpressionEngine as our content management system because of its flexibility and ease of use. Using a combination of copy, photography and video, we developed an upscale visual approach, to appeal to high net worth individuals. Highlights include:

  1. Rich, immersive video and photography combined with new brand elements articulate the emotional connection and promise of A Richer Life
  2. Client stories focused on quality of life rather than hard numbers, validating Evermay’s reputation and personal touch

Using updated technology and thoughtful user experience design, the new website is reflective of Evermay’s unique positioning, easily navigates across all devices and is a powerful engagement tool for both prospects and clients alike.

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