Making Prey Come to Life

Bethesda Softworks' Prey Website


Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, announced the relaunch of the popular Prey franchise at the E3 2016 Conference and LMO was called upon to design and develop a web presence to reignite the fan base and spark interest in the latest installment of the game.

The site needed to:

  • Reinvigorate the Prey franchise and create excitement and anticipation by unveiling the gameplay trailer
  • Scale from a landing page to a fully realized franchise hub with phased releases of gameplay content, key art, lore, pre-order and buy-now incentives
  • Embody the tone and feel of the sci-fi gameplay
  • Enable fans to sign-up for updates and generate social media shares
  • Integrate both Bethesda's technical (RIOT components) and content requirements (numerous localizations)


  • Design subtle atmospheric textures, transitions, and animations to emulate actual gameplay
  • Encourage users to view and share the trailer and to engage with Prey social media at the E3 Conference
  • Reveal gameplay and artwork to build anticipation and intrigue in the game
  • Utilize the latest javascript and front-end technologies to consume and style content while remaining lightweight enough to perform exceptionally well across the globe on desktop, mobile and tablet devices


  • On an accelerated timeline, LMO launched the site in time for a live reveal at a news conference on the eve of the E3 Conference
  • We created a super lightweight, yet feature-rich website using a combination of JSON and the mustache templating engine to render pages in multiple languages
  • Our developers also integrated with's RIOT components for the global header, footer and age gate and the cloud-based CMS
  • Custom functionality was added to allow for language switching and calling functions after the age gate has been passed
  • The new Prey website smoothly evolved from a landing page into a feature-rich hub for fans of the franchise world-wide to view and share new content in anticipation of the game's launch in April 2017 and a destination to order the game upon its release

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