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Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History (2017 ADDY Winner - Best of Interactive)


Panoply is a visionary in the podcasting industry; they aim to give podcast producers more direct access to listener data, encouraging more advertisers to invest.

One of the first tests of Panoply’s model was Revisionist History, a podcast hosted by bestselling author, Malcolm Gladwell.

To introduce this new series to listeners and subscribers, Panoply brought LMO on to take the traditionally audio-only medium and bring it to life in a visual and immersive way, engaging listeners and encouraging them to come back.


We created the Revisionist History website to supplement the listening experience and provide a “homebase” for the podcast. The stars of the site were short, custom animations; these were lightweight, mobile-friendly micro-interactions that hinted at the story to follow. By embedding Panoply’s proprietary media player, we created a seamless listening experience that allowed users to listen while perusing the site.

The website encourages users to receive exclusive content and episode alerts by signing up for emails. Mid-campaign, we observed a lull in email subscriber growth and made a series of site optimizations, including a light box for fans to more easily subscribe.

We built a fan base by tapping into Gladwell’s existing supporters on Facebook and Twitter. We developed campaigns that targeted these groups, plus users with general interests in podcasts and history.

For each episode, we created ads, including a Facebook carousel unit that allowed users to catch up with multiple episodes. To optimize, we used Facebook and Twitter targeting to identify a lookalike audience modeled after successful converters. This optimization led to a steady increase of new visitors to the site


The podcast debuted at #1 on iTunes and continued to gain momentum throughout its run and was picked up for a second season.

Site Performance:

  • Over 1,032,531 sessions
  • Over 664,454 unique users
  • Over 372,008 podcast subscribers
  • Over 20,291 email sign-ups
  • Over 448,936 plays on site

Email Marketing:

  • Subscribers: 26,452+
  • Open Rate: 48.68% (*industry average = 14.9%)
  • CTR: 26.22% (*industry average = 1.6%)
  • Unsubscribe Rate: 0.18% (*industry average=  0.28%)

Media & Social:

  • Over 5MM impressions
  • Over 121M clicks
  • Over 92M total conversions
  • Overall Conversion Rate: 76% across Facebook & Twitter


2017 ADDY Winner - Best of Category

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