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NCARB by the Numbers


Each year, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) publishes an inside look at the data behind the architectural profession called NCARB by the Numbers. This report outlines various statistics and findings ranging from demographics to architecture trends and uses graphs that are built in Tableau®.

In addition to distributing a printed or PDF version of the report, NCARB wanted to find a more innovative way to get people excited to use and/or consume the data. They decided to go digital and enlisted LMO’s help in developing an engaging online report.


LMO created a “templatized” microsite that can be updated each year with new Tableau® charts and categories. The responsive site also allows NCARB to change charts at different visual breakpoints to ensure the data is presented in an optimal way for the available viewport.

Each of the report’s categories (i.e. State of the Profession, Demographics) is listed on the microsite and opens up to a brief overview showing the associated data along with bite-sized analysis.

The charts were built in Tableau® and then integrated with the Drupal microsite to allow updates to reflect in real-time. Users are also able to share nuggets of digestible information -- either a whole page or specific chart -- via social media.

A data visualization summary video, produced by LMO, topped off the presentation of information. This idea of making information more accessible has the potential to change the quality of the information itself.


In under three months, the NCARB by the Numbers microsite had almost 6,000 visits with close to 15,000 page views. People were spending more than 2.5 minutes on the microsite and scrolled through an average of 2.5 pages per session.

As expected, about 2/3 of the user base ranged from 18 to 34 years old, while the older generations preferred the physical book.

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