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The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)


The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) did not have a straightforward process to match a potential member with their appropriate Chapter (of 92 chapters) and used its website to lead prospects in the right direction.

In 2016, the organization set out to enhance Chapter membership recruitment efforts with the goal of increasing the AGC value proposition and growing member rosters through the main website.


LMO partnered with AGC of America to develop a clear, informative online presence with a strong call-to-action for potential new members through a multi-step approach:

  1. Developed an aspirational pop up on the homepage for people to either learn more, sign up or continue to the website. The pop up is controlled by a cookie and only appears once so as not to irritate return visitors.
  2. Updated the utility navigation to include a clear, persuasive CTA that links to the new, informational “Why Join” page.
  3. Created a strong “Why Join” page with a carefully devised messaging strategy. It was designed to share video and quotes representing unbiased stories that vouch for the credibility of the organization, focus on the Value of Membership through four main tangible benefits and highlighted the many Engagement Opportunities through custom iconography.
  4. Remade the Form page with more targeted questions to help AGC collect quality leads giving insight into the prospective member and improving follow-up engagement.


As of two months after launch, users were spending an average of five minutes on the "Why Join" page, indicating a positive user experience and engaging content.

Additionally, AGC headquarters has seen the number of new leads triple since the start of the campaign. AGC chapters will use the inquiries generated to schedule appointments and reach out and engage interested companies.

The “Why Join” online presence will remain a “rolling enrollment” tool for the ever-growing AGC of America.

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