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From Ship to Shoring Up the Coast Guard's Online Presence.


  1. Develop a website that educates potential recruits about the mission of the U.S. Coast Guard, and the organization’s vast scope of work.
  2. Increase the quality of leads, despite the fact that less high school students are considering a military career, and strict competition from other branches of the service.
  3. Create an online presence that is responsive (can be viewed across all platforms) and that complements the USCG’s existing marketing efforts.
  4. Make the Content Management System (CMS) easier to use.
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Although it’s the oldest continuous U.S. seagoing service, the Coast Guard doesn’t command the same type of awareness as other branches. The LMO interactive team set out to bring the USCG to the forefront of people’s minds—specifically amongst Millennials, minorities, women and active military reserves. By crafting messaging and design that augmented the existing creative campaign, the team created a new site that works across all platforms. To make it easier on administrators, the site was built in the user-friendly Drupal, a popular platform amongst government agencies. boasts a clean look that highlights the organization’s different adventure-packed missions through videos, articles and member testimonials. There is a prominent call to action enabling anyone to connect with a recruiter. There’s also a Spanish language feature for Spanish speaking recruits, and the site is 508 compliant (which means that it is accessible for anyone and everyone, despite a person’s disability).

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The site launched in April 2014, and is the first responsive website for the Department of Homeland Security (the governing body of the USCG). In just three short months, the site has seen a 6% increase in traffic. In addition, traffic from mobile devices has increased 42%, demonstrating the importance of responsive, mobile-friendly design for attracting potential recruits from this target audience. 

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