LMO is a marketing agency with a lot of capabilities, but only one true focus:

the challenger brand.

When tasked with the impossible, we don’t scrunch up our noses and we sure as hell don’t run away. No — we relish in the impossible, because challenges are opportunities to do our best work.

If what you’re looking for is a mission statement, let it be that LMO is here to foster greatness by empowering our people and our clients, to inspire a challenger mindset, and to apply creativity in all that we do. 

The Force for Good.

These are people with a purpose. They understand it is neither simple nor frugal to change the minds of millions, but their desire to improve the world is greater than obstacles standing in their way.

The Game Changer.

Often referred to as “Disruptors,” these people want to alter the way society behaves. They take long-standing practices and ideas and turn them on their heads, because there is a better way to play the game.

The Underdog.

A classic tale — the small yet scrappy player comes in and challenges a larger, well-established behemoth. The odds may be stacked against them, but they take jeers and criticism in stride because they know their potential.

The Lightning Rod.

These are visionaries. While their opinions may not be popular at first, that’s just because they see something we can’t. They may come across as a risky investment, but trusting in their vision often pays dividends.

We're a connection of people, process and technology.

We believe in listening, anticipating and applying creativity in all we do.


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